Terms and Conditions

Enquire about our hire services by contacting us via the website or by phone on 03333 442062.

Hire Duration

Maximum hire duration applies for all items. Hire duration includes the day of delivery and collection - this is the usual practice in the equipment hire industry.

  • Weekends - 4 day hire period applies when the hire period includes one or more weekend days
  • Weekdays - 3 day hire period applies when the hire period does not include any weekend days
  • Tracked Delivery and Collections
Rental Duration

Longer term rental durations are available from 3 months upwards.

  • 3 Month Oven Rental
  • 6 Month Oven Rental
  • 9 Month Oven Rental
  • 12 Month Oven Rental
  • 18 Month Oven Rental
  • 24 Month Oven Rental